How It Works


Residential realtors desiring to say thank you
to their clients can now send a picture of the
new home to ATOOTB and have a unique
keepsake created for their buyer.


CARDE’ DIEM ! by House of ATOOTB

Sure, greeting cards are great. But they typically give only for a day. Carde’ Diem inserts will uniquely fit into the sides of the planter or box and keep you in touch with your client.

There are options for holidays, birthdays, and seasons. These inserts fit perfectly in an envelope. Grab a stamp (postage cost 70 cents), pick your Carde’ Diem insert from your desk drawer, slap a post it note on it, and reach out to your client again and again!

 Or…send House of ATOOTB a new picture and voila! Your client will remember you every time they look at their special OOTB!

If you have any questions, please call our office and a representative will assist you.


Then at a later date, the realtor can ‘keep in touch’ by sending accessory inserts for special occasions. Holidays, birthdays, seasons, and other inserts created by the House of ATOOTB.

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