Wedding Table Marker & Escort Cards (10 Pack)

Wedding Table Marker & Escort Cards (10 Pack)


About each unit:

  • Includes 2 personalized photos for side inserts on table marker.
  • Top insert is the numbered table in the font chosen by the wedding party. Back side of the top insert is printed with the same stock pattern of the 2 side inserts.
  • Includes eight (8) escort cards. Each escort card will have the name of the guest (s) on one side with the back of the card left blank. This card is a unique way for the guests to write a message with a permanent magic marker for the wedding party to collect at the end of the night as a wedding keepsake.
  • Each table marker is now a table favor or a wedding favor for a bridesmaid, mother-in-law, or special guest.

All orders require a 28 day lead time from date receipt of order with pdf file of the 2 custom photos.

How It Works

Each table marker/escort card unit includes the following: a table marker with a top and 2 side inserts and ten escort cards with the guests printed names and their table assignment.

The top of the table marker is a reversible insert with the table number printed on one side and a stock pattern on the reverse side. Any font can be chosen for the Table Number.

The 2 sides of the table marker are also reversible – one side will have the corresponding stock pattern to coincide with the top stock pattern chosen.

The reverse sides will have custom photos of the bride’s choice applied. Two different photos can be printed to decorate the table marker.

Each table marker/escort card unit will have 10 escort cards that will be printed with the table number and corresponding guest(s) name on one side.


The other side will be blank. These blank sides are for the guest(s) to write memory notes to the bridal couple and should be collected at the end of the night as keepsakes for the bridal couple. These keepsakes will also fit into the table marker sides.

Some of these escort card inserts will naturally be blank on both sides as some tables will only require 5 printed names if guests are husband and wife or a guest plus one.

The feature here is that each guest can write a personalized note to the wedding party with a permanent magic marker at their table.

At the end of the night, after the keepsake cards are collected, the top and sides of the table marker are reversed creating a keepsake gift box for a bridesmaid or mother in law or as a table favor for those seated at that table.

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