Always Think Outside of the Box

So what’s in a name? How many times have we all thought “I want a little Smucci Too!” It’s that pet hug you get from your dog/cat that reminds you that you are loved unconditionally. So it just makes sense that if your pet could talk, they would want a little Smucci Too bed to call their own. A beautiful, clean, warm, comfortable, secure place of their own. Sure we know they may sleep with you in your bed, but when you’re not home, they can go to their safe sanctuary. So The House of Smucci set out to create a bed that was furniture grade and designer quality that any owner (you or your pet) would be proud to own.

We at The House of Smucci are proud to have contributed extensively to pet rescue. We have donated over one hundred beds and diners during the past few years to pet rescue and other charities (cancer societies,children with disabilities, the autism society to name a few). We lovingly call this our Smucci Too the Rescue!

Now we know there are lots of pet beds out there. So what makes Smucci Too unique? First of all, it can be the last pet bed you ever buy! It is the pet bed that never dies. The strategy of component parts means that if a cover gets stained you don’t throw out the bed, you just replace it. The same with the cushion, the graphic panel, the base, and the feet. The next unique feature is it is beautiful and can be an accent to your home rather than an eye sore or worse. You can choose to change out the graphic panel for holidays or seasons as new panels become available. The feet simply screw on and off ( seven color options available) so add a pop of color in seconds. The slip cover on the pillow is washable or replaceable with color options. So the House of Smucci created a quality pet bed that adds to your decor and keeps your pet clean and warm and safe.

That was the beginning. Next came the designer diner! Same concept. Designer pretty and washable. Once again a component strategy, it will decorate your home for a long time. And can marry the look of your bed designs of course.

So The House of Smucci is the arm that created the unique pet products. But what about something for us? And always thinking outside of the box evolved another line of unique products. ATOOTB was born. Unique trees, flower boxes, and trinket boxes came on line. These are functional but can also be used to send a message much like a greeting card works. But in as much as a greeting card may live a day or two, these greeting/message products never die! You simply replace the message insert with a new message. These insert cards are for birthdays, holidays, friendship, love, graduation and on and on.

We at ATOOTB have affectionately named these ‘carde’ diem! And we at ATOOTB want you to remember that these are all made here in THE USA!

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