Product Care

Pet Beds

We recommend picking up the bed from the base only. To clean the graphic panel, bed base or feet use a cloth dampened slightly with water. A mild cleanser like glass cleaner may also be used. 

For a heavily soiled bed, remove the graphic panel, lay flat and wipe clean. Remove pillow cover from cushion and machine wash. Spot clean foam cushion. Put the bed base in the sink and run under cool water. Turn base upside down and shake off excess water and drain like a dish. Wipe water or cleaner from bed feet with a dry soft towel.

Pet Dishes

Stainless steel pet dishes are dishwasher safe. To clean the dish panels, follow instructions given below.

Bed and Dish Panels

Remove bed or dish panel from product and lay flat for easy cleaning, or you may leave in the track system of the bed. Wipe with a damp cloth using water or a mild cleaner such s glass cleaner. Panels may be run under water to remove messes. Never use strong cleaning solvents or alcohol as the printed image on the panel may be damaged.

Pillows and Covers

Remove pillow cover from foam cushion and machine wash in cold water. Use your regular laundry detergent, but no bleach. Machine dry on a low setting.

Foam cushions may not be washed. Surface clean only. Foam may darken slightly over time, but this is normal and should not affect the performance of the cushion.

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