Pet Bed Assembly

Our pet beds are easy to assemble. Follow the directions below to assemble, interchange and carry your pet bed.

Pet Bed Panel Insertion Directions

Pet Bed Pillow Cover Insertion and Removal Directions

Carrying Your Pet Bed Instructions

Pet Bed Panel Assembly

1. Place Smucci Too! Bed Base on level surface.

2. Hold Bed Panel at both ends.

3. With one hand, insert Panel into groove of the Track System behind the Bed Base Trim.

4. With the other hand, gently pull the Panel around the Bed Base so that it slides into the groove.

5. Continue to hold Panel ay both ends during this process.

6. Push other end of Panel firmly into groove.

7. Give one final, gentle push to ensure the Bed Panel is firmly in place.

Put On and Remove a Pet Bed Pillow Cover

Taking Cushion Out

1. Flip the pillow upside down and pull open the envelope closure.

2. Reach inside and grab the edge of the cushion.

3. Pull the cushion out of the cover.

Putting Cushion In

1. Fold the cushion in half.

2. Insert the cushion through the opening and push into one side of the pillow cover.

3. Push the other side into the cover.

4. Smooth out the edges.

5. Fluff the pillow and put it back into your pet bed.

Carrying your Pet Bed

Pick up your Smucci Too! Bed from the Base only. Although the Graphic Panel is securely in place, we recommend picking up the bed from the Base.

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