Red Truck Pet Bed (Black Feet)

Red Truck Pet Bed (Black Feet)


Who doesn’t want a big, red truck? The soft & comfortable Minky fabric pillow in the cabin of our Red Truck Bed is the perfect place for your pet to rest after revving his engine all day! Surrounded by a red bed panel, diamond plate graphics on the bed frame, and black feet just like the tires on a truck…we think your pet will sleep in our industrial chic pet bed, and dream beautiful thoughts!

We design all our pet beds in the shape of a hug, so pets feel safe and secure. We make each one with exceptional care, using original graphics and photos to create designs that blend with and enhance your decor. Quality, beauty, practicality and love are in every pet bed from the house of Smucci.


Maximum Pet Weight 20lbs for small bed, 40lbs for large bed
Diameter 16.75" - 24.75"
Height 10.75" - 14.5"
Bed Weight 4.6lbs - 8.2lbs
Bed Panel Height 7.5" - 11.75"
Bed Panel Length 40" - 58"
Water Proof Yes
Cushion Dimensions 16-24 inch round, 2 inch depth, Memory Foam (Small) & Super Soft Foam (Large)
Pillow Cover Dimensions 17" - 25" diameter
Durable & Washable Yes
Pet Safe Yes
Customizable Bed Panels & Feet
Interchangeable Bed Panels, Feet, Cushions, Pillow Covers

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